Josh Ross

I commenced training with the Fairweather Track Squad in February 2002 and from word go, Tony had a plan in place that we followed to perfection.

I improved out of sight under his guidance and just kept ticking the boxes of goals winning Stawell Gift in 2003, my first national 100m open championship in 2004 culminating in selection for the Athens Olympics that same year. We had a dream run and experienced a lot of great times together.

Having been a mid to high 11 second athlete when I commenced with Tony, I had outstanding improvement to record a 10.12 best with him. Two Stawell Gift wins and 3 national titles all achieved under his guidance are testament to our partnership together.

Tony and Alison always seemed to know how to support me as an athlete and as a friend. They built a wonderful support crew for the entire squad.

Josh Ross
July 2009


Pirrenee Steinert

I moved over to Maitland, NSW roughly 18 months ago with the goal of raising my athletic career to an international level. Prior to making the move I was at a point where I felt I needed change. I felt I needed to be where the action was. Location wise and more importantly I felt I needed someone who was just as serious as I was, to get me to where I wanted to be in my athletic career. I needed someone with fresh ideas to training methods and someone who was just as dedicated and passionate about athletics as I am.

Tony Fairweather was the man. He was all of the above and more. I honestly can’t say enough about Tony. I can’t think of anyone who is more passionate about the sport then he. The amount of time that he puts into the squad each and everyday, with very little dollar in return can only be done by someone who is truly in love with the sport. To see an athlete achieve their goals, seems to be the ultimate reward for all his hard work and the endless hours he puts in to each of his athletes.

The calibre of athletes that make up Tony’s squad is remarkable. To have the amount of nationally competitive athletes all training together in one squad is ideal for any athlete. We have roughly 12 to 14 athletes in our squad all at different levels in the sport. The squad is made up of athletes of all abilities, some nationally and internationally competitive whilst others more at an intermediate level, who just generally love competing in the sport and Tony is equally eager to help each and everyone of us achieve our goal, no matter what our level in the sport.

I moved my whole life interstate purely to train under Tony Fairweather in hope of him helping me to achieve my career goals in my sport. And after only 18 months of training with Tony, I find my self representing Australia at the 2009 World Championships in Berlin. What more can I say!

Pirrenee Steinert
June 2009

Trisha Greaves

Over the 16 years I have been with Fairweather Track Squad I have reaped the benefits of Tony’s dedication, passion and experience of the sport. Having had a successful running career of his own, we reap the benefits of Tony’s experience when it comes to training and racing. He has coached me to 2 Australian championship medals and most recently to winning the Stawell gift, along with many other state championship medals and major pro race wins. Where ever I am racing I am proud to call Tony my coach.

Tony gives his athletes 100% on and off the track and even after the 16 years I have been with him, he continues to come up with new and exciting ways of coaching and challenging new programs.

Training with Tony can be a lot of fun (due to his great sense of humour and a great training squad) but always professional, and the squad is full of athletes who are willing to give it their all and work very hard.

Tony’s wife Alison, (also part of the coaching team) is always there with her excellent managerial skills. Her good knowledge of the sport is also an important addition to the team and greatly appreciated by the whole squad. FTS has a great support crew and a comprehensive approach to athlete preparation.

Over the years I have watched athletes improve out of sight with Tony to move on to what they think are bigger and better things, but never really go on with it. After 16 years I still continue to improve and I look forward to the next couple years which will hopefully lead me to my goal of representing Australia as a relay member for the Aust. 400m relay team.

I have had so many happy times in the sport and have so many memories of major achievements in my athletics career. I will have these with me for the rest of my life this is due to a lot of hard work and dedication but I owe a lot of this happiness to Tony and Al Fairweather and for this I will be forever grateful.

 Trisha Greaves


Fynn Maggs

Fynn started with Tony and Alison at FTS in January 2011 as an U9 after we heard about FTS from another athlete’s parents who already trained with FTS. He had always been fast and the loved to run so the idea of him running with a squad of kids, who also loved running, with caring coaches that could improve his technique, self confidence and overall enjoyment of athletics, seemed only natural. As parents we love to video Fynn running at carnivals and watch these with him. The change in his confidence, speed and style has been amazing over the last year and a quarter.

Fynn looks forward to going all year round to catch up with the rest of the squad. Some weeks Fynn is running to catch the younger athletes, other weeks he is trying to stop the older athletes from catching him. Alison and Tony keep a close eye on all their junior athletes to ensure they enjoy sessions, learn, build their enjoyment of athletics to try and ensure they stay in the sport.

Prior to starting with FTS Fynn had won gold, silver and bronze medals in the 70m, 100m and 200m at his first regional little athletics carnival. He had fast leg speed but small steps. The longer the sprints got the harder Fynn found it to stay at top speed. Over the past year and a quarter with Tony and Alison this has changed considerably with Fynn’s personal bests for the 70m, 100m and 200m dropping by 0.6, 1.3 and 3.5 seconds respectively. This improvement helped Fynn win the PSSA Schools and Little Athletics 100m State titles and break both the Zone and Regional Little Athletics records for the 200m.

On top of the great results on the track we appreciate as parents how hard it is to positively motivate younger children. Through training and athletics Fynn is more open, self confident and is calmer under pressure. We credit a significant amount of this to Tony and Alison who invest themselves in their Junior squads and genuinely care about all their squad members. To quote Fynn “Tony and Alison are awesome, they train you really well, they get your arms pumping and their training builds you up”. 

Chris, Wendy & Fynn Maggs
May 2012



Sheena Steinert

I started training with Tony and Al in April 2011. Tony had taken me under his wing after I found myself coachless and lost not far out from Nationals. After a very patchy and disappointing season prior to meeting Tony, my hopes of reaching my seasons goals were looking bleak. Tony helped me to re-group and provided me with the support and guidance I needed to achieve those goals. My season ended on a high, making the final for the open Womens National 400m and also running a personal best time of 54.89, achieving my goal of breaking 55 seconds.

After finishing my season on such a high I gained the confidence and determination I needed to produce a quality winter of training. I worked via correspondence from Melbourne (where I live) with Tony, making some trips to Newcastle for training over this winter period. It was tough doing the workload on my own and travelling, but with Tony and Al's commitment and belief in me, we made it work. 

From my very first race of the 2012 season, I was running personal best times. As the season progressed my times continued to better. Goals that I had set for myself for this season were already achieved. With the shape that Tony had helped to get me in I found myself a regular competitor on the 2012 Australian grand prix circuit and the NSW 400m Women’s Champion. From January to March, after having such a promising start to the season I based myself in Newcastle which enabled me to work closely with Tony and  maximise my season’s performance. In 3 months I found myself go from an 8th ranked national athlete to 5th. I was now a consistent, confident and very happy sub 54sec 400m runner.

Sadly after such a whirlwind unforgettable 11 months with Tony and Al I made the decision to leave the squad. I couldn’t keep up the travel from interstate and they understood, so even though this was a very tough decision, I had their encouragement to do what was best for me.  I have and will remain in regular contact with Tony and Al as they have become two very special people in my life and I will be forever grateful for all they helped me to achieve.

Sheena Steinert
May 2012




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