Name: Heidi Mcternan


Date of Birth: 02.03.73
Years Running: 10
Joined Squad: 2005
Height: 173cm
Weight: 57kg

Major Achievements:
National Beach Sprint Finalist 2002
Selection in Country Women’s Representative Open Touch Football Team.

Major Goals: 
Get back to good fitness level, and start competing and be competitive.

Sport Career Highlights:
Stawell women’s 400 Winner - 2006.
Temora Womens Gift winner 2002
Bay Sheffield Gift 3rd 2001


Sporting Heroes:
Cathy Freeman. Roger Federer.

Athletics, and Touch Football

Music: Coldplay,
Movies: Most comedy movies
Foods: Italian, Fresh fruit, Chocolate


Interesting Facts:
I have two beautiful twin daughters Ruby and Abby born in 2008.

Name: Spencer Cox 


Date of Birth: 13/11/77
Years Running: 17yrs on and off
Joined Squad: 2007
Height:  177cm
Weight: 75kg

Personal Bests:
100m – 10.96e – Sep 2001 ANQ Championships, Townsville
200m - 22.50e Homebush Allcomers Mar 2009, Sydney.
400m – 51.19e – Glendale 2002   

Season Progression:
Events- 100m  200m  
2009     11.18  22.50
2008     11.47  23.02
2007     INJURED
2006     11.29  22.62
2005     11.14  22.84

Major Achievements: 
Oceania Selection – Australia  100m 2004

Major Goals:
10.85e 100m, 21.95e 200m, Win a Gift before I hang up the boots

Sport Career Highlights: 
ANQ Champion 100m 2001,
2nd Hector Hogan 100yds ANQ Townsville 2001.
 Oceania Selection – Australia  100m 2004


Sporting Heroes:
Jesse Owens, Michael Johnson, Michael Jordan, Tom Platz, Casey Viator,
 Ed Coan and Vasily Alexeev

Playing guitar and drums, Speed and strength training articles, Project management, Defence, Native Title, Space travel and exploration, Physics and Cosmology,

Music: Heavy Metal, RnB,  Any music I can learn to play on guitar, Remixes eg Travis Barker,
Movies: Horror.
Foods: Any Roast, Salmon, Prawns, crayfish, Kup Murri (underground oven)

Defence – Air Force, B Arts – CQU, Grad. Dip Mgmt – CQU, Grad. Cert. Proj. Mgmt – UTS Looking at Engineering courses at the moment.

Interesting Facts:
Great Grandfather on my Dad’s side (Albert J Cox) has a saddle made by him in the Stockman’s Hall of Fame in Longreach, Qld. He made the first horse saddle in Australia, but didn’t patent the design, which is why I still have to work!!

My grandfather was a gunner in the Army in WW2. He was stationed at Borneo.

My Mum is PNG / Torres Strait Islander. We have family land in PNG around the coastal town of Kerema.

Name: Damien McTernan


Date of Birth:  04/01/75
Years Running: First Professional run was in 1990, so19 years with a few breaks
Joined Squad: Officially 1997 but have been running with Tony since I was a kid.
Height: 173cm,
Weight: 77kg at the moment, but ideal racing weight 74kg

Major Achievements:
Creating twin girls

Major Goals: 
Regain fitness while helping out the rest of FTS.  After a couple of years out of the sport on family duties I am working to get back to my former levels

Sport Career Highlights:
Twice finalist in Stawell 400m Backmarkers
Twice finalist in Bay Sheffield 70m Sprint
Five time semi finalist in Stawell Gift
Winner of Gilgandra Gift, Temora 300m, and quite a few 70m races around NSW
Lots and lots of finals and placings

Sporting Heroes:   
Steve Waugh, Lance Armstrong, Brice Johnson


Spending time with my wife Heidi and babies Abby and Ruby; hanging out with our boxer dog Sonny – the only other bloke in the house; catching up with family and friends

Music: Very eclectic taste, but I can’t take to doof doof of any type.
Movies: Too many to mention.  Snatch, Shawshank Redemption, most things by Tarantino, Chariots of Fire, most things starring Robert De Niro and/or Al Pacino.
Foods: Hot chip sandwiches, sausage rolls and coke.  When I am being healthy  I eat a stir fry.

Sales & Marketing Manager

Interesting Facts: 
In the final year of the Botany Bay Gift (then the richest professional race in Australia), I finished equal third in the 120m Plate final.  We were given a 6 minute rest before having a re-run.  It was just the two of us in the re-run, and the ground was packed.  We tied again in the re-run!  The officials had no time left in the program for a 3rd run to decide 3rd place, so made us split the prize money.  It may only have been for 3rd place, but I would have kept fighting for it all day.  It was very exciting and the atmosphere was electric.  Good sporting memories don’t always involving winning.

Name: Amanda Cole 


Date of Birth: 14 Feb 82
Years Running: 4
Joined Squad: Mid 2006

Season Progression:


Wangaratta 120m Women’s /
Vets 1st
Wangaratta 400m Women’s 2nd
Lithgow 200m 2nd
Other finals: Macksville Women’s 120m, Keilor Women’s 120m / 400m

2007/ 2008

Macksville 120m Women’s 2nd
Lambton 120m Women’s Gift 1st
Other finals Macksville Open 300m, Blacktown Women’s 120m, Lambton Open 300m, Maryborough Women 400m

2006/ 2007

Gilgandra Open 300m 2nd
Other finals Gilgandra 120m women’s, Queanbeyan Women’s 120m, Queanbeyan open 300m


Gilgandra Women’s 120m 1st, Gilgandra Open 300m 2nd
Other finals: Temora women are 120m, Temora open skins, Queanbeyan Novice/ Vets. Queanbeyan Open 300m


Major achievements:  
Winning my home town gift - Lambton

Major goals: 
To have a sash (1st place pro running) from all states we travel to. (NSW, VIC, SA, TAS, QLD). 2 down 3 to go

Sport Career Highlights:  
Winning my home town gift - Lambton

Sporting Heroes:   
Lance Armstrong, Lane Beachley and Emma Snowsill

The beach, love the beach.

Music: I listen to all sorts, JJJ, Top 40 and coastal chill
Movie: My favourite movies are comedies and chick flicks
Foods: I love Mexican and mum’s roast

Work – Advantage Recruitment – Permanent Recruiter
Study – Bachelor of Business, Cert III & IV in Fitness

Interesting Facts:   
Green is my favourite colour

Name: Michael Blenman


Date of Birth: 29 Nov 83
Years Running: 8 months
Joined Squad: 2008

Sport Career Highlights:  
Winning 2 premierships with Scone and Aberdeen Football Clubs. Also running at Stawell this year was awesome.

Sporting Heroes:   
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ben Johnson, Danny Green





Weight: 97kg





Music: Guns n Roses, Disturbed, Phil Collins, Bon Jovi, Jethro Tull.
Movies: Transformers, Super Troopers, 2 Hands, Batman
Food: Meat and milk. I spend more money on food than anything else!

Work/Study: Plant mechanic for Emeco.

Interesting Facts:   
Interesting Facts: On average I drink around 11litres of milk a week. I love beef, chicken and roo. I cant live without chicken! Not really interesting but hey, a few years ago I was at a Robbie Williams concert in Paris and I swear at one stage he actually looked at me!


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